August 8, 2021 in Current Openings

Scientist, Immuno-oncology

Scientist, Immune-oncology

Reports to:  VP of Immuno-oncology

Job Description

The Scientist will support the preclinical development of new immuno-oncology drugs for the treatment of diverse solid and hematologic malignancies. The successful candidate will be responsible for the design, execution and interpretation of in vitro and in vivo experiments related to the selection and characterization of lead compounds, as well as understanding the mechanism of action / target biology. Hands on experience with development and execution of cell-based immunoassays utilizing human and murine primary cells and cell lines, flow cytometric analyses, and general molecular biology techniques is required. Experience with design and execution of syngeneic in vivo tumor models for evaluation anti-tumor efficacy, effects on tumor microenvironment and related anti-tumor immune responses induced by immuno-oncology based therapies and is also desired. The candidate will be required to optimize experimental systems, work independently and direct research associates to ensure timely completion of studies. Strong analytical, written and oral communications skills are required to present experimental findings at internal/external meetings and through written reports. A successful Scientist will possess proven skills to optimize experimental systems and solve scientific problems in a dynamic drug discovery environment. Candidates should be highly motivated individuals, strongly laboratory work oriented, with excellent organizational skills. Independent thinking and excellent communications skills are desired.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the position will include evaluation of lead compounds in in vitro immunological assays as well as in vivo tumor models, characterization of the anti-tumor immune responses as well as the effect of various modalities on the tumor microenvironment. The candidate will be required to work both independently and in a multidisciplinary team setting under the supervision of the Vice-President of Immuno-oncology to ensure timely completion of studies and is expected to present experimental findings at joint project meetings and through written reports.

Experience designed and executing studies with techniques including whole blood and cell isolation, cell culture and cell-line generation/maintenance, immunohistochemistry/fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometric based assays, ELISA, in vitro cell based immune assays (ex. T cell activation, myeloid cell activation/differentiation, MLR, ADCC, etc) and in vivo tumor models are desired. Good communication skills and ability to collaborate across multidisciplinary scientific discovery settings are a must.

Desired Qualifications

  • Master’s degree with >5 years of relevant Immuno-oncology experience.
  • A Ph.D. with experience in the field of Immunology or Immuno-oncology.
  • Experience in tumor immunology and preclinical drug development desired.
  • Computer proficient (Windows), possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Show attention to detail.
  • Experience working in a fast-paced research environment.


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