Developing Next-Generation Immunotherapies for Cancer Patients

The introduction of new checkpoint inhibitor (CPI) immunotherapies into the clinic has significantly improved the prognosis for many cancer patients over the last decade, but the overall response rates remain relatively low in all tumor types. There remains a significant unmet need to improve overall and long-term survival for cancer patients. New innovation and enhancements to the currently available therapies are urgently needed to address the treatment gaps.

Next-generation cancer treatments require:

  • Improving survival for CPI non-responders (70%-80%)

  • Reprogramming the immune system to attack cancer

  • Integrating linnate and adaptive immune responses 


Addressing cancer immune resistance

Kineta is building next-generation immunotherapies to address the major challenges with current cancer treatments.  We aim to improve outcomes for cancer patients by solving the problems of cancer resistance.  Our novel drug programs are focused on addressing and correcting immuno-suppression, exhausted T-cells and poor tumor immunogenicity.


Kineta Pipeline

Kineta’s mission is to develop next-generation immunotherapies that transform patients’ lives. Kineta is focused on developing fully human antibodies that address the mechanisms of cancer immune resistance.

Drug Program



Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Anticipated Milestones

Advanced solid tumors
incl. NSCLC, CRC, OC


2Q24:  additional monotherapy safety and efficacy data
2Q24:  Initial combination therapy clinical data
3Q24: Initiate Phase 2 clinical trial

Advanced solid tumors