January 24, 2022 in Kineta Press Release

Kineta to Present on the Company’s Platform at the 6th Annual Tumor Models for Immuno-oncology Summit

Seattle, WA — (January 24, 2022) Kineta, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel immunotherapies in oncology, announced today an upcoming presentation at the 6th Tumor Models for Immuno-Oncology Summit 2022.  Thierry Guillaudeux, PhD, Senior Vice President Immuno-oncology at Kineta, will be presenting an overview of the company’s proprietary Platform and the use of human knock-in models for selecting next generation immunotherapies.

Kineta’s immuno-oncology  Platform was designed for the discovery and development of first or best-in-class immunotherapies that address the major challenges with cancer resistance to current therapies. Utilization of the innate immunity focused  Platform has resulted in the development of novel, well characterized fully human antibody therapeutics that are being advanced into formal IND enabling and clinical studies.

“We have developed a world-class innate immunity-focused platform for developing important new immunotherapies to treat patients with cancer” said Thierry Guillaudeux, PhD, Senior Vice President Immuno-oncology at Kineta. “A core component of our  Platform is our in vivo knock in models which are the foundation for the development of our novel VISTA and CD27 antibody programs.”

Presentation Details:
Title: Use of Human Knock-in Models for Selecting New Generation of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Date:  January 26, 7:30AM Pacific Time
Presenter:  Thierry Guillaudeux, PhD


Kineta is a clinical stage biotechnology company with a mission to develop next generation immunotherapies that transform patients’ lives.  We have leveraged our expertise in innate immunity to develop first or best-in-class immunotherapies that address the major challenges with current cancer therapy.  For more information on Kineta visit our website, www.kinetabio.com, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

NOTICE: This document contains certain forward-looking statements, including without limitation statements regarding Kineta’s plans for pre-clinical and clinical studies, regulatory filings, investor returns and anticipated drug effects in human subjects. You are cautioned that such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties inherent in Kineta’s business which could significantly affect expected results, including without limitation progress of drug development, ability to raise capital to fund drug development, clinical testing and regulatory approval, developments in raw material and personnel costs, and legislative, fiscal, and other regulatory measures. All forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement, and Kineta undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the issuance of this press release.


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